CEREC AC with BluecamImprove and maintain your smile more easily than ever before with the advanced technology of CEREC® same-day crowns. The CEREC system allows Columbia dentist Dr. Jackson and the team at Jackson Smile Studio to design, create, and place crowns in just ONE visit to our office.

How It Works

If you have cracked or chipped teeth that need some extra strength and protection, you’ve recently undergone root canal therapy, or you have missing teeth that are being replaced with dental implants, Dr. Jackson may suggest a crown. He will then take photos of the tooth needing a crown, as well as the surrounding teeth, with a special digital camera. Those images will then be put into CEREC’s imaging software to create a 3D model of the restoration.

CEREC LogoThe model is sent to our on-site milling unit, which uses the 3D model to create the crown. The milling process is computer-aided to ensure a precise fit once the crown is placed. After about 15 minutes, your restoration will be ready. Dr. Jackson will place the crown and make modifications to the fit as necessary, and then bond it for a secure fit. Once bonded, the crown will look, feel, and function just like a natural tooth.

Benefits of CEREC

  • Crowns are modeled, milled, and placed in a single visit to our Columbia dental office, saving you time.
  • There is no need for uncomfortable temporary crowns.
  • CEREC’s digital technology eliminates the use of messy impression trays.
  • The biocompatible material of CEREC crowns can be adjusted to match your surrounding healthy teeth for a natural look.

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