Mini Dental ImplantsMini dental implants, or MDIs, are changing the way we approach dental implants and dentures. With MDIs, patients no longer require bone grafting or invasive surgery to replace missing teeth. Typically, we place MDIs to help stabilize a lower denture, but they can be placed anywhere in the mouth. Jackson Smile Studio is pleased to offer mini implants to our Columbia dental patients dealing with ill-fitting dentures or cumbersome retainers with false teeth.

How Do Mini Implants Work?

Small titanium dental implants similar to screws are inserted into the jawbone at the intervals determined best by Columbia dentist Dr. Jackson after extensive diagnosis and planning. Your denture is measured against the MDIs and marks are made to indicate where they will fit into the denture. Your denture is sent to a lab and holes are drilled into the denture to accommodate your new MDIs. Once Dr. Jackson receives your denture back from the lab, he fits it into place. A rubber O-ring on each MDI snaps into its corresponding spot on the denture, providing a snug and comfortable fit.

In nearly all cases, no stitching is required and pain is minimal. The denture can be removed and cleaned just like a normal denture. However, because of the nature of the implants, MDIs provide a permanent solution to tooth loss and restores full functionality to the teeth.

What are the Benefits?

  • No Invasive Surgery
  • Lower Cost than Full Implants
  • Quick Treatment Time with Permanent Results
  • Easier Chewing and Biting
  • Eliminates Need for Adhesives & Bonding Agents
  • Firmer Denture Fit — No Slipping or Wobbling
  • Easier to Clean
  • Better Smelling Breath

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