Our mission is to help our patients obtain the quality of healthcare which they value.
In order to accomplish this, we seek caring relationships with our patients in a warm friendly environment in which these relationships can grow.


  • Our desire is to see you promptly at each scheduled appointment and to give you personalized attention and service. We strive for your visit to be comfortable and efficient. In return, we ask that you reserve appointment times with our office that are definite fits for your schedule.
  • The time allotted for your appointment is predetermined and estimated to suit your dental needs. Please arrive early if you have financial of insurance concerns to discuss with our business administrators.
  • If you do find you must reschedule, please give our office as much notice as possible. We prefer 2 business days notice in order to accommodate our other patients in need. We reserve the right to charge a broken appointment fee if this notice is not given.
  • Our office maintains a “VIP Guest List” for patients who cannot commit to a reserved appointment time due to their work schedules. Please let us know if this type of scheduling suits you best.
  • In our office occasionally circumstances arise that require us to spend more time with a patient. We will always give you the same care and understanding. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We will inform you if we are experiencing a scheduling delay so that we can minimize interruption in your schedule.


  • Our offices fees are a reflection of the superior standard of care and service that we provide.
    Our goal is to provide you with the optimal dental care regardless of any insurance coverage. Our estimate of your out of pocket expense is just that, an estimate. It is your responsibility to pay for all balances regardless of insurance coverage.
  • In order to keep your costs to a minimum, we ask that patients prepay for extensive dental care visits as well as certain hygiene appointments three days prior to the scheduled appointment. Please inform us, in advance, if you need to make a special financial arrangement.
  • A finance charge of 18% APR is accrued on accounts 90 days and older. Accounts referred to our outside collection agency will also be assessed the cost of the collection fees.


  • We allow each day for patients in need of urgent attention.
  • After hours, patients can call the office for the number of the doctor “on call” for crisis care.

Informed Consent

  • The patient (or guardian) is financially responsible for all treatment incurred regardless of insurance coverage.
  • Dr. Jackson diagnoses the care that you need. Treatment needs and consequences of non- treatment are always discussed. When you reserve an appointment with this office, you are acknowledging that you desire and want this care. The financial aspects of treatment are always reviewed with you to eliminate any potential misunderstandings.

  • Date format: mm/dd/yyyy